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New MC Paul Barman Film for his song AIDS, released on WORLD AIDS DAY 2009

AIDS by MC Paul Barman, from the LP “Thought Balloon Mushroom Cloud” Album Out Now!! from paul b on Vimeo.

‘AIDS’ by MC Paul Barman
Produced by Memory Man & Max Anomalous
Track #17 from new LP “Thought Balloon Mushroom Cloud”
Available now @ & iTunes!

Drawing by MC Paul Barman
Film by Monihan Monihan

AIDS makes people fraid to get laid
Let’s trade knowledge and make that stuff fade
It’s transmitted in semen and blood
You can’t git it from a kiss or a hug
It’s bugged that we’re teamless unlike extremists
HIV via intravenous or anus to penis
Where you might $#!+, it’s a tight fit
Break blood vessels no light hit
Sexual revolution, eventual confusion.
No tests then for preventable pollution
of T-cells, rebels, bleed, heed well to stay protected
No matter who’s elected, it’s still the same
If Europe were infected, we’d drop pills from planes
Big pharm pimped em but it may be impossible
to do more than suppress a symptom
They paid for a race war instead of an AIDS cure

How friends and fam react sets the tone
some are disowned, thrown out the home
everyone deserves love, never left alone
You can’t get AIDS from shared silverware
There’s no need to spray toilet seat with aer-
osol, wherewithal, please. You can’t get AIDS
from a cough, sneeze, even if someone bleeds
it would have to be directly into a fresh wound
with flesh ruined or unprotected sex.
Half a million people don’t know they’re infected in the U.S.
They’re more dangerous than those who came up positive in tests.
So please tell the next kid, go get tested.
A problem won’t go away unless we address it.

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© Bricolagista MMIX



writer/director/producer/camera: monihan monihan

editor/assistant camera: sara kinney

writer producer stylist: dante ross

music: phofo

lighting/crowd control: james h. garrett III

a bricolagista! production © MMIX

the the the the beat lab

This would have been totally real and f-ing brilliant if a certain sponsor didn’t drop the ball (or should i say skinny can of liquid crack). and while we’re on the subject, why is it that all the people at that Droge Firma come from the raver world, and most have serious substance abuse problems?! weird. oh well. beat lab. woulda been great if they woulda done did it, rather than just bit it and made dante mad pissded.


FEB 21, 2009, when there was a line around the block to see KAWS show, across the street was another art opening of at least equal importance. Like damn near every talented person walking around, Bill is an old friend of Dante “the king of all conduits” Ross, and his stuff is smart, topical and incredibly well executed. Check it out, Sauerkraut. To learn more about Dollar Bill McMullen go to (and realize you’ve seen a lot of his stuff already but didn’t know the name behind the goods.) oh yeah, and later in the night John C. Reilly showed up, no entourage, with just his wife. And he was pretty drunk. John C., solid.

Filmed by Monihan Monihan
Edited by Monihan Monihan
Scored By The Emancipation Proclamation! (Monihan and Phofo, with help by The Clash, Roy Ayers, ATCQ, and Eddy Grant)
a Bricolagista! Production © MMIX

HoP in Boston on St. Ptrks Day=Irish Overload

Seeing as how I’m allegedly Irish 365 days a year, I could give two flying fucks about all this St. Patrick’s Day malarkey. But for Dante and Cookie, being what? Italian, half a Jew and Swedish Hungarian or something, for them, this holiday shit is big time. Free pass to get drunk, fight, cry, write poetry, eat potatoes, all that leprechaun crap, it’s like a fucking frosted lucky charmed walk on the wild side for them two. So when they had the chance to celebrate St Paddy’s Day in Beantown with Dante’s scromies from forever, House of Pain, sheeee-it, you know they were in like Flynn. Here’s a little film Cookie made to show you all the shamrocks and shenanigans. –Monihan